Diver in Scottish river finds iPhone lost over a year earlier

A diver searching for treasure at the bottom of a Scottish river recovered an iPhone that turned out to have been dropped by a woman more than a year earlier.

Shane Stephen, who documents the objects he finds during his dives on TikTok, said he got permission to dive in the Water of Leith and went down to see what lost objects he could recover.

Stephen said he was bringing a Just Eat rental bike back to the surface when he spotted a red iPhone in the water.

The diver said the device’s SIM card was still intact, and he was able to retrieve enough information from it to allow cellphone service provider O2 to identify and contact the owner.

Stephen said he was able to return the phone to its owner, who told him she had lost it in the water more than a year earlier.

South Carolina angler Jason Robinson was able to facilitate a similar reunion in July when he felt a tug on the end of his line while fishing the Waccamaw River and reeled in an iPhone.

Robinson posted a photo that was in the case with the phone to Facebook and was able to connect with the device’s owner, who told him it had been lost in the river about eight months earlier.